Follow My Story Exhibition @ The Exchange Penzance


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We are so excited that the Exchange invited us to show the project, the illustrations and the books we created from the workshops. We are in the Engine room area and we have already had some brilliant responses in our guestbook. Exhibiting till 7th October!

Its an opportunity to see the books that have been created from the children’s work, to see how they interpreted the galleries and exhibitions and how the project grew over the months into something quite special (we think).

Please leave us a comment in the guestbook and draw us a picture?

Thank you

Liz and Theo


Kestle Barton Story Day

We were very pleased to be able to return to Kestle Barton for their Story day event on July 22nd.

This was a celebration of all the wonderful stories we had created with he children a month before, but also a lovely chance to connect with other story-making performers, authors and artists.

Particular highlights were Story Republic’s wonderful singing and author Maz Evans’ AWESOME readings of our story books.

We have 2 printed books from our time at Kestle Barton and seeing the children return to collect them was wonderful. We had the children’s reviews on display and the banners we created together at the schools days were put up around the site.

Soon we will have a selection of everything we have worked on and created with the children on display as part of an exhibition at The Exchange Gallery in Penzance.

Exciting times x

Follow My Story at Penlee House Gallery!


We had a brilliant time with Heamor schools years 4 and 5 at Penlee House Gallery recently.

We were able to use the Stanhope Forbes exhibition as inspiration and the children fully embraced the idea of story making from the artwork. The iconic scenes painted of the newly and Penzance areas were influencing stories ranging from steel factory workers.. fisherman catching sharks and even magic railways.

More to come on this soon!! Liz x

Kestle Barton Festival of Children’s Literature and Schools Visits

It has been a while since our last blog post but things have been all go!

We had a wonderful time at Kestle Barton’s Festival of Children’s Literature.  We were running 3 sessions a day from the story tent in the orchard, working with almost 100 children each day.


The Children we often working with different schools and year groups which was a new and exciting process for the project. The stories were imaginative and very inspired b the rural setting of the Lizard and Kestle Barton.
Being part of a festival for Children’s Literature meant we were able to meet authors of children’s books along with seeing the children get excited about reading and making stories. A great experience.

Liz led on some evaluation and feedback from the days, lovely to hear how the illustration ‘drawing tent’ went down well! It was also a greta experience to  work closely with Kestle Barton Curators,  assisting with the  days, creating a festival feel filled with activity for the children.

Some selected artworks from Mullion School on Thursday



After the festival and as part of our Follow My Story Arts Council Funding, we were able to visit some of the participating schools for some follow up sessions. (this is alongside scanning and creating 2 separate story books of the children work for Kestle Barton)

We LOVED going back to the schools and connecting with the children and teachers again. This as our chance to build not he story making and illustration workshops and have some real fun creating extra banners, decoration, stories and writing for Kestle Barton’s public story day even on July 22nd.


Story props, painting and book making

As part of our Follow My Story Project we are also contributing, curating and leading at Kestle Barton’s Festival of Children’s Literature. This involves 2 schools days where we will lead workshops for 70 children each day… with follow up in school visits from us to develop further stories ahead of a celebration event back at Keslte Barton in July.

We have been invited to develop story ‘props’ and materials for the festival and spent some time this week in the studio onsite at Kestle Barton.

Alongside this work we have continued to compile and develop our Newlyn Primary and Newlyn Art Gallery story book!

Take a look: This story is called Flynn the Hero!

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 16.13.23.png

Newlyn Primary School at Newlyn Art Gallery

We had a wonderful time at Newlyn Art Gallery earlier this month!

We hosted a year 4 class on Tuesday and a Year 5 class on Wednesday. They both went fantastically. The children first came into the building and we were met with lots of excitement  In the year 4 class only 5 children had been there before and from the year 5 class, half of them had visited the gallery previously. We were so excited to host them in the space and hold our workshop amongst the artworks.


We began talking about the paintings and the possible stories that they could inspire. 

Thank you to Amy Mcmillan a Fine Art 2nd year student from Falmouth University, who assisted us on both days (pictured above).

We then split off into groups to talk through the stories and then get started!

Each child had to start a story and draw the first scene… then we passed them around the group building a total of 6 stories per group! All as we collaborated and worked together.

We were lucky, as we got permission to take photographs and video in the space and have set up our @followmystoryproject Instagram account… which was updated with developments.


So far we have almost 150 followers, almost all of which are local art galleries, artists and businesses related to Newlyn and Penzance. We are excited to share the project as it develops, hopefully building an audience for the galleries, our work and profiling the importance of this type of work.

We also had lots of storytelling moments too!!>>>>>>

It was brilliant having the children confident enough to share their art-inspired stories and groups standing together taking us through their illustrated creations.

We had lovely feedback from the gallery and other visitors who thought it was’ inspiring to see children so excited about artwork and a gallery’.

More to come….

Watch this space as we start to create the Newlyn Primary/gallery art book.